Adiantum capillus veneris

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Adiantum capillus veneris (maidenhair) planet :

Maidenhair (scientific name: Adiantum capillus-veneris) is the name of a species of Maidenhair genus that grows in Iran. This species is considered as a medicinal plant. It is a perennial fern plant with slender stems and small leaves that grows in hot and humid places. It has a brown rhizome, hard and hollow, and the petioles, which can be purple, have been removed. The leaf structure of the plant is triangular and has 3 lobes. The leaves are folded at the edges, and under these folds are placed the ovaries. In counterfeit specimens, which are Aspidium, the spores are on the entire surface of the back of the leaf. There are 220 different species of plants, each of which has different types.

Chemical composition:

Maidenhair leaves contain mucilage, sugar, tannin, glycolic acid, glaze, a bitter substance called capillarine and a small amount of essence.

Properties of Maidenhair in traditional medicine:

The properties of Maidenhair are moderate in terms of ancient Iranian medicine. In ancient medicine, the plant was used to treat coughs and cold symptoms and regional hair loss. Today, with the discovery of more therapeutic cases using the properties of Maidenhair, significant results were achieved, including :
It expels bile and phlegm from the stomach and intestines.
The properties of the plant are wormwood.
Its properties are diuretic and repel bladder stones.
The benefits of questioning open up menstruation.
It is very useful for relieving shortness of breath in children.
Its properties relieve diarrhea and fever.
To strengthen hair and hair growth, apply fresh leaves of Maidenhair in the form of ointment and apply on the scalp or use its herbal tea.
Use its incense for colds and flu.
If you apply its ointment or herbal tea on your head, it will eliminate dandruff.
Strengthens the spleen and kidneys.

Disadvantages and side effects of Maidenhair:

The properties of Maidenhair have made this plant completely safe and even used for children throughout history and has no side effects. It should only be noted when using it that pregnant women should refrain from consuming herbal tea and that long-term and excessive use of this plant is harmful to the heart and lungs.

Harvest time:

This plant is harvested in late spring and early summer (June and July), which is naturally cheaper at this time. All parts of the aerial parts and rhizomes of this plant are used medicinally.


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