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Wholesale viola flowers, high-quality and competitive price

Viola is a beautiful and fragrant plant, some of which are ornamental and some medicinal. The wild species usually grows in mountainous and temperate regions.
This plant has a unique aroma. The short stem and purple color (or a combination of yellow and purple) are of the beautiful flower’s morphological features. The leaves are heart-shaped and have long petioles.

Physicians have always considered this plant as herbal medicine as its consumption has a very long history in Europe and Asia.
Viola is used to treating many diseases such as sinusitis, headache, pneumonia, sore throat, cold, eye inflammation, bile excretion, insomnia, jaundice, and cough due to its various active ingredients.

The plant tea is also extremely relaxing. Its various forms, including fresh, dried, or powdered, are used in multiple industries such as pharmaceutical, perfumery, food industry (for making syrups, essential oils, etc.), and traditional medicine.

Today, a wide variety of valuable products are produced from Viola.
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Viola Harvesting and processing

This plant grows in different parts of Iran, especially in the northern and humid regions. It has long and narrow branches on which numerous flowers grow. The purple flower is harvested after its buds all open. The harvest season is from March to May.
After harvest, the flowers are dried in the shade or with special dryers. Viola should get completely dry. The least moisture in the product causes the product to become moldy, and its taste changes.
The plant weight and volume get significantly reduced after drying. For this reason, the price of dried flowers per unit weight is higher compared to similar products.

Viola Properties

The nature of this plant is cold and wet. It has different therapeutic properties and has a high medicinal value for the treatment of various diseases.
The flower cleanses the liver. It also cleanses the lungs with its expectorant properties, and on the other hand, refines the blood and tissues due to its detoxifying properties.
Viola is an expectorant, antipyretic, blood purifier, anti-toxin, anti-inflammatory, laxative, and hypnotic; The presence of salicylic acid compounds causes its tea to eliminates pain and inflammation. For this reason, the consumption of Viola tea has a significant effect on removing all types of inflammation.
This flower is rich in antioxidants that eliminate the effects of free radicals and prevent skin aging. The standard test for viola extract and powder is based on its flavonol glycoside.
Other benefits of the plant include relieving headaches, migraines, insomnia, coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. Aromatic viola is effective in reducing the symptoms of colds. This flower’s essential oil is used in aromatherapy, bronchitis treatment, excessive fatigue, and skin problems.

usage of dried viola

Different types of medicinal products are produced from this plant, including aromatic viola oil, aromatic viola decoction, and various herbal teas. It has a special place in traditional medicine; thus the flower was used to treat diseases in the past.
In ancient times, this plant’s syrup was used to treat swelling of the eyes, insomnia, jaundice, fever, remove pus, swelling of the tonsils, and epilepsy.
Today, due to its unique properties, this plant has been widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, perfumery, and food. It is also used in the preparation of candies, jams, cakes, drinks, and syrups.
Due to the significant viola uses, its essential oils and essences are used in health and beauty products such as soaps, shampoos, creams, perfumes, etc., in most countries.

Precautions and Contraindications of using Viola

Excessive consumption of the plant causes weakness and heaviness in the stomach as well as confusion. Excessive consumption will also lead to nausea and vomiting.
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Damonherbs dried viola

damonherbs is one of the best centers for exporting and selling natural and herbal products and offers the highest quality commodities to its customers. We buy dried viola from manufacturers in bulk and deliver them to you in standard packages. The product is completely clean and sorted and does not mix waste such as wood and plant leaves. It also has no moisture and is completely dry.
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Viola price

Many factors affect the price of dried viola. Usually, in the spring, due to the recent harvest, the price is more reasonable.
When buying the plant, make sure that the product is dehydrated; Because the least moisture in the product causes the whole to become moldy and its taste to change.
The product that is sorted, intact, without pounding, clean, and with no waste -such as wood and leaves- has a higher quality and subsequently a higher price.
Of course, crushed flowers are powdered to use in cosmetics. This flower’s petals are susceptible and should be transported and stored in standard cartons not to crumble. It is recommended not to buy the product of previous years, as it has lost some of its aroma and healing properties. You can buy dried viola from Damonherbs to guarantee the freshness of the product and the right price.

Buy dried viola online

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