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Herbal products share in worldwide trade is over $ 125 billion a year. Statistics show that the trade of organic herbal plants is increasing in the world.
Iran is one of the most fertile regions in the world for growing a variety of organic and quality herbal plants due to its climatic diversity and a four-season climate. The medicinal plant’s several centuries usage back to this country’s traditional medicine has provided a suitable cultural and commercial infrastructure for organic medicinal plants’ cultivation and trade.
Regarding the above, Iran is one of the top and largest exporters of Damask rose, orange blossom, safflower, viola, and barberry.

About Damon Company herbal plants

Damon is one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of exporting quality and organic herbal plants. Damask rose, orange blossom, safflower, viola, and barberry are the most important export items of this company. We buy organic varieties of these plants directly from farmers and export them to the world in healthy and stylish packaging.

Goals and Directions

Damon’s priority is hygiene, environmental issues, and product quality. These priorities have led us to only take steps in regions that align with our rational and business policies. Our goal is to export quality and organic herbal products to all parts of the world.
Our natural and quality products are correctly sorted and offered in different grades according to buyers’ needs. Our packaging is hygienic, standard, and elegant, making it possible to store the herbal plants for a long time.

Damon Products

Damask rose: Damon is a supplier of organic, high-quality, unique color, and fragrant Damask rose. The product is recently harvested, wholly dried, and comes in suitable packages.

Orange blossom: Damon orange blossoms bring a unique oriental fragrance to your homeland. Our orange blossoms are entirely natural, not mixed waste such as wood and plant leaves. It also has no moisture and is completely dry.

Safflower: Safflower is native to the Orient. Damon offers this beneficial herbal plant in dried form, different tones, and various packaging sizes.

Viola: This beautiful flower with purple and yellow petals is one of Damon’s quality herbal plants. We offer entirely dehydrated, intact, and organic viola in suitable packages.

Barberry: Damon barberry is of high quality, pretty color and fragrant varieties. We buy quality barberry directly from farmers and export it to other countries after cleaning, sorting, and appropriate packing.

Damon herbal products usages:

Besides food consumption, Damon’s high-quality and unique herbal plants have various uses in numerous industries.

Pharmaceutical industry: Organic dried plants are always one of the natural sources for extracting biologically active substances that are used in the manufacture of various drugs. Due to the side effects of chemical drugs, in recent decades, the pharmaceutical industry has turned to these inexpensive, useful resources of medications.
Perfume industries: Extracts and essential oils taken from these herbal plants have many fans for making fragrant and quality perfumes.

Dyeing: The plants’ pigments have always been an essential source for the production of natural dyes.

Complementary medicine: Complementary medicine has grown a lot in recent years. It is a science that has been rooted in various oriental countries’ history, and many of its branches are based on herbal plants.

Here We Are

We are here to bring you Iranian medicinal plants.
If you are a Persian living abroad, our products’ nostalgic flavor takes you back to your childhood. The time you ran with joy in the backstreets and gardens of your homeland, ate fresh barberries, looked at the beautiful violas by the stream, and enjoyed the scent of orange blossoms.

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Organic Products

Our products are completely organic , Hand-picked and Sun-dried

High Quality

The products in our collection are of high quality , with the good aroma and ataste

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A good price cannot be the only effective parameter in a contract and other services are effective.

Customer Satistifytion

Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of our collection in relation to customers.

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Our 24-hour support is ready to answer your questions, problems and criticisms.

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Our experienced sales team is ready to answer your specialized questions Dear customers.

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Our packing is hygienic , standard , and strong , making it possible to store the herbal plants for long time

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The products in our collection are of high quality, so that the customer is highly satisfied.

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