Dried Rose buds

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Wholesale sale of high quality dried rose buds

Wholesale sale of high quality and sorted dried rose buds harvested this year with the best conditions and fragrance, completely organic and handpicked. If you also intend to buy dried rose buds, you can buy from the Damonherbs specialized store with peace of mind and the right price and quality, and you can contact our expert consultants for advice and more information.

Dry rose bud

Rosa × damascena, which is called damask rose buds, is a species of the genus Rosa. The first birthplace of this aromatic and rich plant is ancient Iran. The history of rose cultivation in Iran dates back to the Achaemenid period in Fars province.
Damascus rose buds are known as the national flower of Iran. This plant is drought resistant. Therefore, it can be cultivated in different areas, including in the highlands with cold and dry climate and desert areas.These characteristics and its semi-dry cultivation make rose buds grow without the use of pesticides. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in the cultivation of dry rose petals. These flowers dry naturally under the sun. Iranian dry rose buds are of very high quality and are world famous and are exported to different countries every year. Due to the diverse uses and applications, the market of these organic herbal products is growing every year.

Properties of dried rose buds:

This fragrant flower has various medicinal properties. Since its nature is mild, it is suitable for both cold-tempered and warm-tempered people, and it does not interfere with other foods.
Due to the presence of vitamins E, B, C, K, beta-carotene, tannin and pectin, dried rose buds are useful for fighting many diseases such as colds, infections, some digestive diseases, bloating and gingivitis.It also strengthens the immune system.
Dried rose bud tea is soothing and stress reducing. Relieves fatigue and insomnia. Damask rose is an excellent fat burner and helps in weight loss. Damask roses being organic is also a plus.

Using dried rose buds:

The countless benefits and properties of pure and organic dry rose petals have attracted many people to use this plant. Dried rose buds are used to prepare all kinds of cakes, sweets, desserts, jams, designs and decorations because of their wonderful aroma and color.

Uses of rose boutons de damas iranienne bio :

1. The use of rose buds extends to preparing syrups, drinks and tisanes, decorating and perfuming dishes, sweetening oils, soaps and natural perfumes at home.
2. Use in hair and face masks with dried rose buds
3. Put rose buds in a cup of tea and use its beneficial properties in drinks and teas.
4. Dried rose buds can be used to decorate a variety of foods such as rice, various desserts such as the smell of clothes, and various types of mixed yogurt and jelly.
5. You can use rose bud powder along with honey, rose water and rose oil to make masks and skin and hair creams. In addition to strengthening and shining the hair, this mixture is also very effective in treating acne, exfoliating and brightening the skin. It also keeps the skin moist and prevents it from drying out.
6. It is a great home fragrance.To use this effect, you can fry some dry rose petals with other aromatic spices such as cinnamon, ginger or vanilla and place them in different places of the house such as the closet, bed, shoe rack, bathroom and even next to it.
7. Iranian rose is rich in antioxidants, vitamins (E, C, A) and minerals (especially magnesium) and has a place in traditional medicine and treatment of some symptoms. Its increasing integration in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food shows its increasing importance.

Disadvantages of dried rose buds:

Due to the abundance of vitamin C, high consumption of dried rose petals may increase the risk of developing kidney stones.Vitamin C increases iron absorption and is harmful for thalassemia patients

Damonherbs dried rose buds:

By selling high quality, 100% organic, natural perfume and beautiful dried rose petals, Damonherbs makes a significant contribution to the supply of this unique and demanding plant.
The packaging of our products is standard and high quality.These packages protect all the natural properties of the product – such as smell, taste and color – so that they remain in their original condition.

The price of dried rose buds:

Different types of dried rose petals have different prices. The cost of damask roses depends on the following factors:

  • Flower bud quality such as color, size, fragrance, humidity, organicity and homogeneity.
  • Product packaging
  • Purchase amount
  • shopping season
  • Market fluctuations
  • Supply and Demand
  • The brand of the product manufacturer

When buying dried rose buds, make sure to harvest this year’s crop. Old products have less smell and their color tends towards yellow. You can buy dried rose buds from Damonherbs to guarantee the freshness of the product and the right price.

Buy dried rose buds online

Many people do not have a good opinion about buying products online. But online shopping can have good features such as speed and ease of shopping, the possibility of comparing several stores at the same time, saving time and so on. to have Just find the safe store you want and make your purchase. If you are planning to buy dried rose buds online, you can contact Damonherbs expert advisors and get a good experience in online shopping


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