We provide high quality and healthy dried herbs, flowers, and fruits for you

We live in a country with a diverse climate where a variety of crops are grown throughout the year.
Our company  have direct access to the best producers of dried herbs, flowers, fruits  and we are able provide high-quality products at reasonable prices to our global customers in all seasons. … Read more


Why Us?

Organic Products

Our products are completely organic , Hand-picked and Sun-dried

High Quality

The products in our collection are of high quality , with the good aroma and ataste

The Price Is Right

A good price cannot be the only effective parameter in a contract and other services are effective.

Customer Satistifytion

Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of our collection in relation to customers.

Strong Support Team

Our 24-hour support is ready to answer your questions, problems and criticisms.

Easy Shopping

Our experienced sales team is ready to answer your specialized questions Dear customers.

Send Trusted

Our packing is hygienic , standard , and strong , making it possible to store the herbal plants for long time

Advice Before Buying

The products in our collection are of high quality, so that the customer is highly satisfied.

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Damon is one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of exporting quality and organic herbal plants. Damask rose, orange blossom, safflower, viola, and barberry are the most important export items of this company. We buy organic varieties of these plants directly from farmers and export them to the world in healthy and stylish packaging.

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