Dried orange peel

Our company is one of the best centers for exporting and selling natural and herbal products and offers the highest quality commodities to its customers . We buy Dried orange peel directly from manufacturers and farmers in bulk and deliver them to you in standard packages . This product is hygienic, sun dried , packeged and ready to sell at a reasonable price . It also has no moisture and is completely dried . Customers can buy the first-class Dried orange peel in different tonnages with the help of our large company



Dried orange peel Usage :

like other components of oranges, has a limited use in nutrition and other matters. Major customers of the majority of orange peel are looking for quality peel and powder for various uses to provide the best products for the consumer. For the major buyer of this product who is looking to pay a reasonable price and receive good quality, it is recommended to order this powder in the fall to buy at a cheaper price. Today, it is important for buyers and customers to be organic while preserving the true taste of natural perfume, because human health and healthy nutrition are an important issue and a challenge in different societies.Our complex tries to provide all kinds of products with full guarantee for its buyers without adding any preservatives or flavors, in an effort to be healthy and natural. Among the properties of dried orange powder are listed below:

Lowering blood pressure
Cholesterol lowering
Help improve heart health
Effective in weight loss
Suitable for skin care
Help with digestive problems
Brightening the skin

Dried orange peel types:

Sliced dried orange peel
Dried chopped orange peel
Completely dry orange peel
Orange peel powder
Sugar orange peel
Each of these types of orange peel is used in various forms in various fields, including in the preparation of perfumes, oils, essences, various foods and beverages, and so on. For example, orange peel can be used to make candy. Today, orange peel tea has been welcomed by a large part of the people of the world due to its many benefits.
We provide organic dried orange peel with standard packaging.


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