dried oranges petals

Our company is one of the best centers for exporting and selling natural and herbal products and offers the highest quality commodities to its customers . We buy Dried orange peel directly from manufacturers and farmers in bulk and deliver them to you in standard packages . This product is hygienic, sun dried , packeged and ready to sell at a reasonable price . It also has no moisture and is completely dried . Customers can buy the first-class Dried orange peel in different tonnages with the help of our large company



Wholesale sale of high quality dried Orange Petals

Wholesale sale of quality dried orange petals harvested this year with the best conditions and scent, completely organic and handpicked. If you are planning to buy dry rose buds, you can buy it from Damonherbs specialized store with peace of mind and at the right price and quality, and contact our expert advisors for advice and more information.

Orange blossom:

The orange tree is a beneficial evergreen plant of the citrus family that grows in subtropical, temperate, and humid regions. It is the origin of dried orange petals.
Many parts of this plant – including its blossoms and fruits- are usable. Orange blossom is rich in magnesium, manganese, boron, calcium, zinc, selenium, sodium, copper, potassium, and vitamins B family, vitamin C, and D. Flavonoids and furanocoumarins are among the active ingredients of this blossom.
The use of dried orange petals is continuously increasing.

Iranian Dried orange petals

Collecting, drying, and using dried orange petals has long been prevalent in Iran and has been considered by traditional Persian physicians as a soothing herb. In different cities of ancient Iran, annual celebrations and festivals had been held about the orange blossom.

Iran is one of the top producers and exporters of this product to various European and Asian countries.

Our company in Iran – taking into account buyers’ various needs – has different tonnage and quality of dried orange petals. Our products are free of toxins and offered to customers with the highest purity.

Dried orange petals properties:

One of the essential properties of orange blossom is its effect on the nervous system. Orange blossom distillate or tea can relax and soothes the nervous system.

This plant is useful for sleep disorders and insomnia. Dried orange petals are beneficial for constipation, irregular heartbeat, intestinal and stomach pains, controlling blood pressure and bloating as well as having anti-cancer properties due to the presence of various minerals and vitamins. It has been commonly used in multiple forms in traditional Iranian and Chinese medicine. Orange blossom has a warm and dry nature.

Dried orange petals Usages:

Orange blossom has an intoxicating aroma that caused it to be used in various industries such as perfumery, pharmacy, cosmetics, making different beverages, herbal essences, making jams, desserts, essential oils, Sohan, baking cookies, and many more. Orange blossom can also be used in combination with other medicinal plants.
Due to its high and unique quality, Iranian dried orange blossom has also attracted the attention of foreign customers in recent years.

Dried orange petals prohibited usage :

Excessive use of orange spring can lead to high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Therefore, people with high blood pressure should be careful about consuming it.
Consumption of this plant in pregnancy and lactation should be with caution.

Damonherbs Dried orange petals product:

damonherbs offers the best organic orange blossoms that are naturally dried under the sun. Drying in the sun preserves the aroma of the plant and its beneficial properties. We offer this product in a sorted form, with proper and hygienic packaging and low humidity to different world countries.

Dried orange petals price:

The orange blossom price is determined depending on its quality and purity. Petals that are lighter in color, have less moisture, and are wholly sorted are more expensive.
Orange blossoms are relatively expensive compared to other citrus blossoms. Furthermore, in the first half of the year, its price is lower due to its abundance, and the cost increases as we get closer to winter. You can buy dried orange petals from Damonherbs to guarantee the freshness of the product and the right price.

Buy dried orange petals online :

Many people do not have a good opinion about buying products online. But online shopping can have good features such as speed and ease of shopping, the possibility of comparing several stores at the same time, saving time and so on. to have Just find the safe store you want and make your purchase. If you are planning to buy dried orange petals online, you can contact Damonherbs expert advisors and get a good experience in online shopping



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