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Safflower Wholesale: High Quality and Reasonable Price

The safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius)is native to the Orient and has many uses. It is an annual plant with a height of about 60 cm and broad toothed leaves. Iran is one of the top producers and exporters of this product to European countries.

The plant’s flowers have a tubular shape and are reddish yellow in color. This flowering plant is very similar to saffron after harvest. Safflower color is due to the presence of a red substance called Carthamin. This plant’s beautiful color is one of the reasons for its popularity and usage in various industries as a natural dye. Its color is so beautiful that some people use safflower instead of saffron.
The safflower petals is rich in vitamin E; Due to this vitamin’s antioxidant properties, this plant’s use reduces cancer risk and eliminates free radicals.
Also, it is rich in various minerals and vitamins and therefore has particular importance in traditional medicine, and its use has long been widespread in the Orient.

According to customers’ various needs, our company offers several types of plants in different tonnages and qualities. Our safflower is free of toxins and chemical fertilizers with the highest quality and reasonable price. If you also intend to buy safflower , you can buy from the Damonherbs specialized store with peace of mind and the right price and quality, and you can contact our expert consultants for advice and more information.

Safflower Wholesale

Properties and application of Safflower:

The safflower plant is one of the famous oriental medicinal plants rich in various beneficial vitamins and minerals.
The nature of this plant is hot and dry. Its decoction can strengthen the nervous system and reduce pain to some extent.
This plant helps treat jaundice and pneumonia. The plant can also be useful for diabetes, skin health, heart care, and weight loss.
It is interesting to know that more than 300 medicines are produced from safflower in the pharmaceutical industry.
Due to its use and newly discovered medicinal properties, the wild plant is now sold in various forms in large stores.

Safflower usage:

In the past, this unique crop was used only for household purposes, such as coloring food. But today, in addition to home use, this plant is used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and health industries. Dyeing, bagged drinks, margarine production, and authorized food colors are other usages of the plant.
This crop is also used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases in traditional Iranian medicine.
The plant consumption in pregnant women causes miscarriage, but its balanced consumption usually does not cause a problem.
Although the plant does not have saffron’s scent, it is much cheaper and produces almost the same color.
The dyes produced from this plant are not harmful and can be a suitable and useful alternative to industrial food dyes.

Damonherbs dried safflower for sale:

damonherbs buys the best types of dried safflower plants -grown entirely organically and naturally – directly from farmers and provides them to customers. This product is hygienic, hand-picked, packaged, and ready to sell at a reasonable price. Customers can buy the first-class plant in different tonnages with the help of our large company.

Safflower price:

The prices vary in different months of the year, depending on supply and demand. This plant is more expensive in autumn and winter. Also, color, quality, sorting, wastage, moisture, and cultivation region are the primary and essential factors in pricing. You can buy safflower from Damonherbs to guarantee the freshness of the product and the right price.

Buy safflower online :

Many people do not have a good opinion about buying products online. But online shopping can have good features such as speed and ease of shopping, the possibility of comparing several stores at the same time, saving time and so on. to have Just find the safe store you want and make your purchase. If you are planning to buy safflower online, you can contact Damonherbs expert advisors and get a good experience in online shopping


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