Due to the increasing demand of people to use medicinal plants instead of chemical drugs, this market needs producers and exporters of these products all over the world. Some of these herbal medicines generally became more popular and widely used, and many people included them in their diet as medicine, tea or spice. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the most important and popular of these products .

Which medicinal plants are more important in export?

The export of medicinal plants is increasing in many countries and Iran is one of the main exporters of these products. The variety of herbal medicines is very high, but some of these products are very popular and these products include :

1.Dried rose buds

Rose is one of the most useful plants that is used in different ways. In the form of a dried rose, taking its sweat and turning it into rose water. This product has many therapeutic properties, that’s why it has attracted many fans in many countries. The best of these products are produced and exported in Iran, and Iran is the fifth exporter of dried roses in the world.
2. saffron or safflower

Saffron is also very popular due to its high healing properties and its use in food. This product is very expensive and is known as red gold, and because of its high price, safflower has replaced saffron in many countries

Buy medicinal herbs from the best exporter

With the increasing demand for medicinal plants, many countries started to produce and export these products. But the quality of these products depends on many points. One of the most important points is the weather conditions in which the products are produced and prepared. Iran is one of the best climate regions for growing and preparing medicinal plants. If you are looking to find the best exporter of medicinal plants, we suggest Damonherbs, which exports quality and hand-picked products to different countries at the best price

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