Due to the existence of various diseases, people are looking for different treatment solutions. With the advancement of technology and people becoming aware of the harms of chemical drugs, more people started to take herbal medicines . This issue caused the spread in the production of medicinal plants and provided this platform for farmers and exporters to be able to use this opportunity for the benefit of their income generation. In this article, we are going to talk about the valuable and expensive plants of this industry .

The most expensive medicinal plants

Chamomile plant :

Chamomile is an annual and herbaceous plant that grows mainly in Iran. Since cultivating and harvesting chamomile is a costly and difficult task for farmers, therefore, farmers do not want to plant this type of medicinal plant. On the other hand, during the last three years, the market of this plant has grown well and due to the familiarity of people with this herbal medicine, the demand for sweet chamomile has increased, and if it is planted and harvested, it is sold at a high price.
Since the cultivation of this plant has been stopped, it is often in powdered form in the market, which is not suitable for sale in perfumeries. Chamomile propagates through seeds. Today, the best type of chamomile is German chamomile, which is similar to Shirazi chamomile and is used in perfume and essential oil factories.

Medicinal plant to lemon :

Lemon is a perennial and very fragrant plant. It likes warm weather and grows easily in tropical areas, and if enough water is provided for it, it will have a high growth rate. Its pure and dried leaves are used as a medicinal plant.

It grows easily in most parts of Iran, except for areas that are not favorable in terms of water and temperature. Propagation to lemon is mainly done through cuttings. The lemon plant is one of the medicinal plants that has a high price. Of course, the cultivation of this plant has increased in recent years and has caused many changes in its price.

Sage herb :

Another medicinal plant that has faced an increase in price in the market of medicinal plants and is considered one of the most expensive medicinal plants is sage. Sage is a perennial plant from the mint family.Its height reaches about 50 cm. Several years ago, perfumers believed that the sage plant is the same as the pea plant.

But today, with familiarity with this plant, the demand for using this plant has increased. Considering that the planting and production of sage has been low compared to its demand, this has caused the price of this medicinal plant to increase and has entered the list of expensive medicinal plants. Since this plant is easy to cultivate and has a high yield, it is recommended to farmers for mass production.

Thyme medicinal plant :

Thyme plant is one of the medicinal plants with very high properties, which has a high price. The production of this plant is done through seeds.

Medicinal plant Haftband grass :

Haftband grass medicinal plant is an annual and resistant plant whose height reaches between 30 and 60 cm. It has small and pointed leaves.The plant is used in the treatment of various diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, prevention of internal and external bleeding, etc.
Haftband plant is one of the most expensive medicinal plants in Iran, which is cultivated and used mostly in the areas around Tehran, Khuzestan, Azerbaijan and Khorasan.

Barije medicinal plant :

Barijeh is one of the most expensive medicinal plants in the world, whose birthplace is only the Alborz mountain range. This expensive plant grows as wild bushes in Iran and is exported to countries like Japan, France, China and Germany at the price of millions per kilogram.
This plant was not properly protected and taken care of and the French smuggled it to their country. In addition to its medicinal properties, barijeh plant is used as a separating agent for perfumes and essential oils and is also used in space industries.

Dried rose buds :

Dried rose buds is one of the perennial plants that has many medicinal uses. This plant is cultivated and used in most farms in Iran. This plant needs watering two to three times a year. Since it is used in the production of various types of medicines, it is in high demand. Dried rose buds is one of the expensive medicinal plants that most foreign countries are looking for in Iran.


Lavender plant is a perennial plant from the family of lavender. The leaves and green parts of this plant have a volatile essential oil. This plant has square stems and long, opposite and hairy leaves. The used parts of this expensive medicinal plant are its leafy and flowering branches. This medicinal plant is not only used medicinally, but its essential oil is also used.Therefore, the demand level of this plant is high and therefore it has a high price.

Raee flower :

Ra’i medicinal plant is a herbaceous plant that grows as a car in wheat and corn fields. In Iran, its birthplace is the slopes of Alborz, Mazandaran, and Chalus, and it is found abundantly in the western regions and on the way to China Peak. This medicinal plant is very special and expensive among the medicinal plants that has a high price.
This plant is also known as Hofarigun and Gol Shahnaz. Calendula is one of the medicinal plants, which has a high price due to its attention and demand by European countries


In general, these days due to the increase in demand for buying medicinal plants, the market of this industry is very hot. In this case, people who intend to establish and operate in this field are looking for suppliers and exporters to supply these products. If you also want to buy quality and organic medicinal plants, you can buy them from Damonherbs specialized store with the most appropriate quality .

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