Eglantine dried fruit

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Eglantine (Rosa canina) plant :

Eglantine plant is a small shrub with a maximum height of 3 meters and leaves consisting of five to seven toothed leaflets that are oval in shape and the flowers are floral (pale red), whitish floral or white. This small shrub grows on the edge of forests, wells and water pits; after growing, the flower receptacle turns into a jar-like red body and its inner part has thin and thin fibers that contain the nuts in the jar. Eglantine flower goes by car in most parts of Iran and the used part of this flower. These are the jars known as hips.

Properties and chemical compounds of Eglantine fruit:

The fruit of this plant contains large amounts of vitamin C, ie it has about 20 times more vitamin C than lemon, which is a combination of hydro ascorbic acid and ascorbic acid. If this fruit is used fresh, it has much more vitamin C than dried and chopped dried fruit. In addition to vitamin C, Eglantine fruit is rich in tantrums, pectin, malic acid, citric acid, red and yellow pigments (carotenoids), sugars, essences, vanillin and flavonoids.

Benefits of Eglantine fruit:

As mentioned, Eglantine flower is rich in vitamin C and even 20 times more sour than lemon; the fruit of Eglantine flower has been used since the Middle Ages and was once used by the general public for chest diseases. They are also used as laxatives and diuretics. Eglantine fruit is of special interest in traditional Iranian medicine, for example, properties for Eglantine sweat and Eglantine fruit have been mentioned; it strengthens the heart and nerves, and to soothe and relieve fatigue, eliminates the effects of vitamin C deficiency. This flower is useful for treating kidney inflammation, stomach pain and diarrhea, expelling gallstones and relieving insomnia. Eglantine is very effective in treating gout, eliminates body odor and lowers blood sugar. Jonquil or Eglantine flower in traditional Iranian medicine has a hot and dry temperament and its smell strengthens the heart, brain and senses. Drinking Eglantine flower tea is useful for tonsillitis and heart palpitations and strengthens the stomach and liver.

How to use Eglantine flower fruit:

The amazing properties of Eglantine flower fruit have led to its widespread use in the food and pharmaceutical industries and the provision of natural vitamin supplements and nutritious drinks for children; The most common forms of Eglantine fruit consumption include jams, soups, jellies, pies, syrups and herbal teas. Its paste can also be a substitute for pomegranate paste to use in food.


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