Dried oregano

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Dittany or oregano planet:

Dittany or oregano is a fragrant plant from the mint family, also known as thyme and mountain fodder. This plant contains volatile oily essence or menthol oil, contains a large amount of vitamins A, B and C, calcium, some tannins and resins. This plant grows well in summer and in moist soils rich in organic matter such as foliar fertilizer. The best kind of wild Dittany goes next to springs and melted snow water. The best time to pick this Dittany of mint is early April to mid-May. The taste of Dittany is warm, astringent and bitter at first, but after a while it creates a feeling of coolness in the mouth. It also has a pleasant and recognizable odor that makes the home air conditioned and flies away.

Indications of Dittany:

Dittany has unique properties, has high antioxidants and is very suitable for general strengthening of the body, especially when you have a severe cold. Also from this plant in various industries including pharmacy. Perfumery is dried and used with oil and essence and has been used extensively in medicine and food since ancient times. The use of dried or fresh Dittany (oregano) in cooking is common for flavoring and aromatizing foods, especially Greek and Italian dishes. You can use this plant as a spice in soups, sauces, meat dishes, pizza, pasta, vegetables, and even salads, and it has a very high nutritional value.


 Eating Dittany can cause stomach upset in some people. In addition, those who are allergic to plants belonging to the mint family such as basil, lavender, mint and sage should be careful as they may also have allergic reactions to peppermint. Edible Dittany should not be used in medicinal quantities during pregnancy because there is a risk of miscarriage with Dittany.


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