The use of medicinal plants has a very important place in health and treatment systems around the world and their use is increasing. These herbs are consumed in different forms such as fresh, dried or powdered, brewed, boiled, syrup, vegetable oils and processed essences. Medicinal plants have a wide range of uses in medicine due to the fact that they are from nature and are more compatible with the human body. What shows the clear difference between chemical and herbal medicines is the duration of use, the method of use, the concentration of the medicine and in some cases its side effects. If people use healthy and natural methods in different periods of their lives, it can be said that they will be immune to diseases and physical and mental disorders to a very high extent. Lifestyle is a multifaceted phenomenon that includes all aspects of daily life including sleep, food, hygiene, manners, work, entertainment, social relations, attitude , behavior , feelings and emotions. Therefore, to ensure the health of a society, one of the most important factors is managing and improving lifestyle. In order to improve the health level of people in the society and improve their lifestyle, the attention and cooperation of different organizations including agriculture, health and municipalities is essential. It is recommended to provide sufficient information about methods of improving lifestyle and the results of neglecting this issue, as well as introducing medicinal plant species and their therapeutic properties and side effects, as well as holding workshops and training classes to promote the use of medicinal plants.

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