The most important medicinal plants for export in the world

Due to the increasing demand of people to use medicinal plants instead of chemical drugs, this market needs producers and exporters of these products all over the world. Some of these herbal medicines generally became more popular and widely used, and many people included them in their diet as medicine, tea or spice. In this […]

which country is the best exporter of kiwi fruit ?

which country is the best exporter of kiwi fruit

Kiwi export in domestic and foreign markets has created employment and brought in a lot of currency to the exporting countries. Every year, more than 180 thousand tons of kiwi are harvested from the orchards. Most of these kiwis are exported to Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, India and Persian Gulf countries. Many countries are producing and […]

The advantage of using natural and organic herbal products

The use of natural and herbal products can have certain benefits, but it is important to deal with them with a balanced perspective and consider the possible benefits and risks. Here are some of the benefits of using natural and organic herbal products: advanteges 1. Fewer chemical additives Natural and herbal products often contain fewer […]

How To Start Herbal Medicine Products Business

Medicinal plants are one of the most popular products among people for the treatment of diseases and mental problems, and are a suitable alternative to chemical drugs, and the number of its fans is increasing day by day. Due to this issue, the need for quality sellers and suppliers of these products increases in the […]

A Guide to Buying Bulk Herbal and Medicine Plants Online

In recent years, the interest in natural remedies and alternative medicine has surged, leading to a growing demand for bulk herbal and medicinal plants. With the convenience of online shopping, it’s now easier than ever to source these plants in bulk quantities. However, navigating the virtual marketplace for such products requires careful consideration to ensure […]

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